Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Farewell Shelia

 Friday afternoon, we said goodbye to Shelia.  That's my car's name.  Or was my car's name.  I know she's just a car but I felt sad leaving her after all the places she took me.  I ran her into trees, wrecked her a couple times, and  filled her with junk, but she always did her job and did it well.  Sorry I left you at a place where you just didn't quite fit in.
 Not that we fit in either.  Let me just grab our water jug before I head over to the next office to sign the paper work. 
(It's a mystery to me why sometimes photos just turn sideways and even when you think you've gone in a fixed it, you haven't...but it's a picture of our water jug so I can't waste time worrying...)
 Saturday the guys continued making progress on the shop.
 We're already breaking the rules of how to act when you have a new (to us) vehicle.  Daisy is our spoiled child and she got to ride (on a towel) to visit her Grandparents on Saturday evening.
 We stopped at a lemonade stand on our way home from church on Sunday so we're already drinking in it.
I tried to persuade Daisy and Herman into setting up a lemonade stand at the end of our driveway, but they weren't interested.
 So I did a little Fall decorating instead.
 I just borrowed some of mom's dead shrub and used things I had. 
When life gives you a drought, make decorations.
 It's definitely  nothing fancy, but does freshening up stuff make you happy too?

 The gourds and dead shrub are my favorites.
 Gourds have been popular at Bee Angels this year.  I finally feel like I'm not alone with my goofy-for-gourds mentality.  My mom cleaned up more and we've restocked the wash tub at the shop if you want to join the Goofy Gourd Gang.
 Sunday the guys moved farther along on the shop and it's wrapping up.  It was our turn for Sunday dinner.  I did not take any pictures this time but I like having people at our house.  We did work on a few crafts.  Click here if you want to see.
And since I hate it when people don't finish the story...here's me in my car.  I'm not a car person, as in, I'm not "into" cars.  That's probably why I drove the same car for over ten years.  When I'm driving around in my new car, I feel special and happy.  Not because money bought me happiness. Not one bit.  I feel special because Mr. Welder searched and searched, then researched, then bargained, then showed off his mechanical skills to fix a minor problem so I would have a nice vehicle that is perfect for me.  Thank you Jabo for taking care of me.
I don't think I could ever go in and make a deal on a car, do you?  I just sat there and shook my head. Ha.
What should I name her?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Stone Him!

Yes, our shop is a boy. 
As you can kind of see, the shop's tin and insulation has continued to be installed and it has started to be stoned. 
Here is a close-up.
Well, I'm off to go make more money to pay for all of this :)
Yep, I'm picking on Mr. Welder
It looks nice, honey.
(In case you're slow and haven't figured it out, I'm the cheap one in the family.)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rain Fall Garden

The title is Before & After, like Wheel of Fortune. 
The front wall of the shop is going up.
 We had plans to grow a Fall garden.  It's probably a little late to start one, but after the rain we had the urge again.
 Mr. Welder was in charge of choosing a few things to have fun with.
Green beans, peppers, and squash....
 Along with a row of Herman...
And these pepper plants that came up in one of our planters after Mr. Welder threw some scrap seeds in it.  In case you are wondering, scrap seeds are seeds that are leftover after you eat a vegetable.
Have you ever had a Fall garden?
Did you grow pumpkins?
That has always been my dream, but according to the package, we'd have Christmas/Happy New Year pumpkins instead of Halloween/Thanksgiving ones.
Maybe next year.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday Snapshots

 Saturday entailed a quick housecleaning and an out-of-town wedding.  A clean house, good food, good friends, and sore feet from dancing the night away describes Saturday. 
Sunday was a typical Sunday.  The best kind.
 Simple Sundays are simply the best.

 We watched the cows trudge to the shallow water's edge with a promising sky in the distance.  The dry conditions can be depressing and high hopes of rain can be shattered.
But this time, our hopes were fulfilled.  It rained, and it rained good.  As I laid in bed watching the light show and listening to that rain on a tin roof I have been craving for oh so long, it felt so refreshing to pray thank you God over and over again until the pitter patter and rolls of thunder soothed me back to dreamland of a refreshed Earth. The drought may not be over, but the trees are doing the happy dance today and for that I am thankful.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Patio Party

Mr. Welder surprised me with a date night.  The evening started with Mexican food that I mentioned craving earlier in the week.  After I finished choking on a chip, the meal was nice and tasty.  I'm at the stage of my sickness where everything tickles my throat.  It was bad.  Note to self: Wait until the waiter has brought drinks before devouring the chips and salsa...especially when you have a tickly throat! 

Following dinner, Mr. Welder planned to go shopping for patio furniture.  The first stop was Wal-mart.  They had a nice $et that was a tad out of our price range.  Next up was Home Depot.  They were completely out, but Mr. Welder was able to get some painter's tape-he was very proud of himself for thinking ahead.  Next, we visited Kohl's.  My sister graciously gave us her 30% off coupon, but no patio furniture in sight and though it was not looking very promising, we were on a mission for furniture so did not shop for clothes...hard to not look when you have 30% off.  Next, we went to the other Home Depot in town-nada.  Sears was next on our journey.  They had some nice sets that were on sale but still outrageou$.  The sales clerk cracked me up. He let us know they were on sale but still cost too much and he wouldn't buy one.  After a small detour of checking out a cool bicycle, we left and talked about how we could probably just build something cool...and my mom could make us some cool pillows.  Lowe's was next on the list.  We noticed some chairs with potential lined up outside the store.  We thought about buying the $20 chairs and Mr. Welder building the table.  We decided to go check to see if they had anything else...and that is when we happened upon the clearance section...Hallelujah Hallelujah!
There were several options with the rather stylish yellow price tags.  First, we decided on the table.  And then it was time to play musical chairs for a bit.  We considered the chairs you can see in the background first.  We had almost decided that four worked best when the salesman mentioned some other chairs that were on sale in a different section of the store.  Though the sign said one price, they were actually $10 cheaper...even better.  We could get three of these for the price of one of the other.  They were not as bulky so six worked nicely.  And we actually liked how they looked better than the others...and they were already assembled unlike the others that came in a box.
 So into the truck they were loaded. (After we paid, of course.  We are good citizens.)  Perfect fit.
 We stopped by Academy and while there looked at their selection.  They had a reasonably priced option that looked like it could be nice according to the sketch on the box-in case you are in the market for patio furniture, you might want to check there.  We had a $10 off coupon so purchased my fishing license and headed home to unload and unwrap the chairs.
 And remove sticky stickers.
 Ta Daa! Here it is.
 Oops!  Forgot to unwrap a leg.
And though it was past our bedtime, we had to hang out and enjoy the crisp, night air.
Thanks, honey for a fun night.
You sure know how to make a gal feel special.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rain Rain Come Our Way

Over the past couple of days, the shop has been moving right along.  Wall three is sheeted and the door is installed.
The ridge roll (that is that stuff sticking out at the top) was also installed...so it can rain any day now :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shop Going Up Lickety Split

 This is what I saw when I drove up.  A back wall and two heroes working away on the side wall.
 Asian Chicken Noodle Soup for my sniffles and my men...They assured me they liked though I was a little worried about soup on a hot day.  This pot was full to the top before we started so I guess I believe them.
 Last sheet for the night.  I'm so happy with the progress!
And on a totally random note.  Does your dog do this?  Daisy isn't the only dog I've seen do this, but she stands under the cedar trees and walks around licking the air.  Maybe it tickles?  Maybe you can enlighten me of the scientific reason.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Junk Yard Baby Shower

 Saturday windows were installed.
 Then a plan was discussed and a row of my dad's favorite building material, insulation, was laid out.
 Bottom sheets were screwed into place.
 Rock trim was added and then top sheets were installed.
 And this is how it looked at the end of the workday.  I think my dad is wondering what he got himself into again...
 By the time I got around to snapping pictures on Sunday, things were looking better.  I must have been sick to slack this bad on picture taking, huh?  Well, I kinda was.  I woke up Saturday feeling icky and it's off and on but not much has improved...don't you feel sorry for me?
 The back wall was started.
 To explain, the top section of the walls will stay green.  Below the trim will be rock to match our house.  Mr. Welder trying to be fancy by including a rock wainscot has made this project take a lot longer than I thought...the baby showers are creeping right up.  Wonder what the mom-to-bes would think if I asked them to consider having a junk yard theme...
 The guys must have been desperate.  They asked for my assistance in cutting the sheets to size.  Or maybe they just wanted me to make myself useful.
 I enthusiastically jumped right in...but dad decided I could use a lesson.  (I have used these cutter deals before but cut wire mesh that was not as rigid...so really I did know what I was doing but I let him think he taught me all I know...)
 "Like this?"
 I got my crew together so us three could do the work of one.
 Here is how it looked at quitting time. Moving along thanks to my crew.
Time to relax (in a more comfortable position) and get well soon.  I think it's just a cold.  I hardly ever get sick so when I do, my grumpiness is sure to shine.