Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Crafty Christmas

 Now that Christmas is over and our little gifts have been received, I wanted to share/document a Crafty Christmas memory.
  First we listened to Mr. Welder plane, saw and sand cedar planks.  Lily loves the sound of power tools.  I am sure they have provided her comfort from the beginning of time in my tummy.
I painted her foot and Mr. Welder smashed it on the planks.
 "Yep, I think we did a good job.  What do you think, Daddy?"
 Mrs. Welder snuck in a little crafting.
And we had these special gifts to give grandparents, aunts/uncles, and cousins each complete with a message on the back.
Did you give any handmade gifts this year?

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas to All!

May you have a blessed Christmas!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

After Lily was born we moved our office from upstairs into the middle of our den where it was easier to sneak in a little bit of paperwork/blogging.  Though it was definitely more convenient, it was not the most attractive arrangement with cords strung everywhere and papers cluttering the top of the farm table made desk.
I knew the purchase of a new plush, bigger rug for Lily to play on would be the inspiration we needed to spiffy things up.
 Off to Home Depot (after an El Con lunch of course) and we picked up an early Christmas present, our new rug.
 I did not do much shopping around, but after a quick Internet search and a trip to see it in real life, we have been happy with our choice.
I do not know the "rug rules".  Maybe the couch should also be on the rug?  But this arrangement provided the most room for Lily to roll around so that is what we went with.
 We also moved the farm table to Stuff, the shop in Mart, and moved this garage sale desk in to take its place.
 Mr. Welder wired the Internet discreetly behind the trim and now there are no more wires going everywhere!  And we have drawers to hide some of our junk.
 As you probably noticed, we've also decked the halls for Christmas.
 Our Christmas card collection has dramatically grown since this photo was taken.
Christmas cards are fun-probably one of my favorite parts of the season.
 Lily's Charlie Brown Christmas tree and snowmen.
 Nativity scenes are always my favorite.
Morning sun streaming through the window adds to the beauty.

Lily has been enjoying her new rug, hanging out with her friend and reading about him.
 And other times she doesn't enjoy it.
But overall, I think she likes it.
 This year, my cousin and I were in charge of one of our family Christmas celebrations.
We put up a family photo clothesline on the back wall.
 We had fun planning and decorating.
 Grandma had her usual job of getting Lily to take a nap.
 It was a day of fun games.
 New family photos
 And more fun games.
 Grandpa's usual job of walking around with Lily outside.
And Lily's usual job of eating anything she can reach.
Tis the season for family and fun.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


December 12, 2012
How will I remember that day?
The fancy 12-12-12 combination held to its mighty expectations.
You did not know it was a special day?
Well, mine was.
I will remember how Lily helped me get ready by constantly tapping my touch makeup light.
Dim, Brighter, Brightest, Off
I will remember how we had a nice lunch at On the Border.
Daddy remembered to not park near the loud music playing speaker, just in case Lily was snoozing but she wasn't.
She was such a sweet happy gal.
I will remember how feeding time was near and I went to the car to feed Lily while Daddy paid the bill.  Coupon plus gift card equals my kind of bill.
As always, he instructed to lock ourselves in.
We did.
He comes out with the car seat and I unlock the car from inside and the alarm goes wild.
Heck we did not even know we had an alarm, much less how to turn it off.
So here I am with my milk jug (yes, I just called it that) out, the car is going wild, and Lily is just looking around wondering what is happening.
Good times.
 I will remember how even though, the little miss had a great nap in the warm car while Daddy got a few parts at a couple places and Mommy made a trip into the thrift store, she did not disappoint with her usual mood for a visit to mommy's shop, Bee Angels.
Of course, Daddy made it all better and mommy cleaned up a messy shop thankful for all the sales the Christmas season has been bringing.
I will remember how my heart melted every time I turned the corner at the grocery store and saw Mr. Welder holding a happy Lily. 
I will always remember how much Baby Lily loved her daddy.
All I can say is Daddy's Girl!!! 
 I will remember how we drove around looking for one of those scrolling word neon signs that said 12-12-12 to take a picture by. 
I had it planned.
We were going to wait for the moment that the 12-12-12 flashed on the screen, daddy was going to hold Lily up in the blue sky, and was going to be a cool pic.
But we never found one, so I printed this cool mini calendar when we got home.
That's almost as good, right?
 I will remember how Lily ate a whole container of pears and then even some squash!
Good thing we stocked up at the store!
 I will remember how Lily loved her Jumparoo and how she and daddy screamed and squealed back and forth at each other.
 I will remember how I thought Lily was asleep but woke to help me with this post. 
I will remember how she kept swiping the laptop mouse, which I really need to figure out how to turn off since we have a regular mouse too.
Oh, and since we are still remembering, how she tried to eat the edge of the desk too.
Well, I think she's telling me it's time to make more memories :)
The night is still young and we still have a few hours until this day is over.
A beautiful day with my family.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cute Rejects

Our Christmas cards are ordered.
This year I played on Picmonkey and then let Mr. Welder chose his favorite.
He chose the one I guessed he would not like.
Go figure.
 So here are the rejects.
 I'll post the winner later.
Sometime after I actually get them in the mail.
 Of course, I loved them all.
I think that is just part of being a mom.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

We took our first little road trip with Lily last week.  No, we did not go to the zoo.  These ostriches just happened to be where we stopped to stretch and change diapers...well, Lily's diaper.  We are actually both potty trained.
The trip was mostly nice.
I don't think we will be driving out of state anytime soon.
It was a business trip.
We were going to pick up materials for this Weld House Home project.
I don't have the pics of the cedar posts we picked up posted yet but will eventually.
 We've been busy getting ready for Christmas.
 Rustic wooden trees handcrafted from reclaimed barn wood are now available in my shop, Bee Angels.
 This year we put up our Christmas tree from a box.  We usually get a fresh one but decided last year to buy one after Christmas.  Actually we decided, and my mom bought it for us.
We also opened another box, a jumping toy Lily got at our baby shower.
I thought she might like to jump and watch me decorate the tree.
Mr. Welder was sad that he did not get to string the lights on our pre-lit tree.
"I can't reach to jump!"
"Look, it's adjustable."  
But it was already on the shortest position, so she just hung out.
Then helped fluff the tree.
When Daddy noticed the predicament, he stepped in with a solution.
All that jumping wore Miss Lily out.
Next, it was time to play with the manger scene Lily got for Christmas last year before she was even born.

Like her daddy, she wanted to check out how the manger was constructed.
The box of light bulbs was a tad too tall, so books were put in place.
And we finally got around to putting ornaments on the tree.
And of course, Lily helped.

"Got you!"

"Christmas is fun!"
Lily is not crawling yet but she gets around in her own way.
As usual, Lily preferred a necklace opposed to a headband for our festive outing.
John Robert came along too.
And Aunt Heather pushed.
John Robert visited with Santa first.
He wasn't so sure he liked that idea.
And never changed his mind.
Lily showed off her braveness.
And then discovered how comfy Santa really was and laid her head down.
I was tempted to ask Santa if she could just hang out there for a nap.
But I don't think he would have went for it.
Even though he did want to steal her.
Lily decided to grab onto his beard.
Or get tangled in it.

A quick mother/daughter shot
And one with the elves.
Cousin Peyton told Santa all that he wanted.
Then we made a quick stop by, Stuff.
Bee Angels has a table of goodies.
Next on the agenda was an Advent Tea.
Daddy hung out with Lily while Mommy had some gal time minus her favorite gal.
The final event of the day was cousin Easton's Birthday party.
Lily was happy to be outside with her Daddy.
And the kids loved the playground.
It's exciting and also sad to think of how one day Lily will be running and playing with her cousins.
I know she has to grow up so I might as well be excited about it, right?
Lily was worn out after such a busy day.
Usually she fights her naps but this one she just fell asleep on her pillow.
She has always been pretty sweet at night and has been especially sweet these last couple of weeks.  We almost always end our day by hanging out on the couch.  She cuddles by us and usually rubs on our fuzzy blanket until she falls asleep.  Then when we take her to bed, she rolls over on her tummy and puts her booty in the air.
It really is the perfect ending to whatever kind of day we had.
With cold weather forecasted, we have been enjoying outside.  We'll need more than a hat to keep the wind out of Lily's ears if the cold front blows through as expected.
Until then, we'll enjoy rolling through the crunchy leaves, trying to sneak in some deadheading of the mums on the side of the garage (Lily does not like when the stroller stops), looking at our mixed fall and Christmas decor that lives on the front porch, and sucking our thumb on one hand and hanging on with the other.
We'll be back with a look at our Christmas decor and another change (that you may have noticed in the background of some of the pictures) soon.