Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lake Tradition

Last year around Mr. Welder's birthday we made a trip to the lake.
When he remembered this and the big fish he caught, he decided we would battle the heat and take the boat out again this year.  He always backs the boat down the ramp, then I take over and park the truck and trailer.
  I've gotten pretty good at taking pictures while driving making it in between the lines...and at not burning off when going up the hill.  I may have burned off big time in front of a fishing guide on one occasion.  But now I know the trick.  The trick is to drive with both feet.  One on the gas and one on the brake.  By giving the truck gas as you let off the brake, you avoid the roll back that startles you just enough for a burn off.  And you avoid the images in your head of sinking the truck and trailer...and wrecking into the boat.  Yes, I have a wild imagination.
Daisy really was way more thrilled than she looks to have the breeze blowing her floppy ears.
Mr. Welder headed to Lacy's Point first but did not have the same luck as last year.
I did not fish or take as many pictures as usual.  I read this instead. (not the whole thing, I do not read that fast)  Have you read this series?  It's funny and I recommend it.
This is also funny.  I took three-four pictures like this and Daisy has the same look on her face in all of them.
And this picture was next.  I'm not sure if she was sleeping sitting up, scared, or trying to keep her eyes from drying out in the prior photo.
I do know that she and I sure were grateful for our umbrella top that one of our friends gave us.  So nice!
It sure made the relaxing more relaxing.
And it brought Mr. Welder some luck.  Well, probably not, but I probably would have made us leave before he had a chance to catch anything had I been sitting in the sun.
And another.
Even though there was a lake full of water, Daisy was not going to share her water.
Nope, it was all for her.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Proud of our Parsley

Mr. Welder is still watering this Parsley plant. 
 Do you think that's a sign he's an over-achiever...or maybe that he is full of hope....or maybe he's delirious from working so much this week.
I don't know, but it makes me laugh.
And it makes for a lovely picture to inspire you to get out in your yard this weekend...kidding.
As I predicted, we had a very busy week away from the Weld House.
Things were silent around our house, but there was much more excitement here.
If you haven't stopped in to check on the progress lately, you might want to head on over.
Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Runaway BBQ Pit

 Does it ever feel like you've been run over by a BBQ pit?
 Don't worry, he's alive. See, his eyes are open.
Life around the Weld House has still been frantic.
We've (thanks to my cousin) have our much more efficient accounting system for Weld House Homes in place.  Does it make me want to sit behind the computer any more than before?  Not really, but at least when I do, I know I'm accomplishing more.
We did take a break for a date after church on Sunday.
We went to see The Help.
We both liked it.
And how nice it was to just hang out with my hubby.
Last week our driveway looked like a trim factory...well, probably not.  I've never seen a trim factory but I wouldn't think it would look quite like this.  Things are moving right along at Weld House Home #2.  I'm part of the cabinet staining crew so though it saddens me (the reporting, not the staining, I actually like to stain), I doubt there will be much action to report here this week...unless of course, you're interested in a post on how to cook a killer corny dog.  If only life gave me enough time to cook a real dinner more often...I'd post about it :)  Until then, you'll have to settle for weird pictures of our pets and photos of junk in the yard. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Drowning in Paper

 Because it's so chilly these days, Mr. Welder purchased this new extravagant scarf. 
 And that is really all that has been going on lately besides paperwork, painting bathroom stalls, paperwork, hanging a week's worth of laundry to line-dry in hopes that it will make it rain, paperwork, traveling to pick up building materials, paperwork, and just a little more paperwork.  If you did not catch the drift, getting our paperwork system in place has taken over much of our time.  Thanks to my accounting cuddy, I have hopes that we are very close to having our efficient systems in place.  At that point, maybe I'll get around to catching up Bee Angels' paperwork :)
And because I know you might be wondering.  We had a clean up day this weekend at Elk Hall, where we volunteer.  One of my glorious jobs was painting the trim in the bathroom stalls.  But I don't need to tell you, I'm sure you could tell by Mr. Welder's scarf that we lead a life full of luxury.
I did manage to sneak in a few Bee Angels projects in various stages over a few days.  While Mr. Welder washed dishes, these goodies were finished and participated in a very quick photo shoot before another night of paperwork.  At Weld House Homes, our first home is wrapping up and looking terrific and soon we meet with our next potential client. Knowing my honey is doing what he loves and putting people in the home of their dreams makes all the paperwork worth is good.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Imagine That

We crossed an item off the to-do list. 
 Can you guess what it is?
  I told Mr. Welder to take a before picture (but he did not), and I also looked through old posts trying to find one, when it dawned on me that you guys have an imagination so why waste more time :)
The vents that were once black (this is where you use your imagination) were given a coat of paint to match the tin.  Much better.  They really were ugly that how you imagined them?
And now it's time to imagine me crossing one more item off the list with a smile on my face.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hello Friends...

 Sorry, I've really been slacking here. (Or if you've enjoyed the break-you're welcome...and why do you keep coming here-just kidding-I like that you come here no matter the reason-it makes me feel special.) Though I don't post, I think about you all the time.  I have been updating Bee Angels and Weld House Homes blogs a tad more frequently.  These two businesses have kept us busy, busy lately.  The summer is normally a slow time for the shop, but I am extremely happy with how things have been going there.  It's been crazy but great.  I've added a new line (which requires frequent cleaning of sticky messes but sold out of two items in the first week so can't complain!) and have several projects waiting to be completed. My momma has been working in a sweat shop all summer producing Bee Handmade items that have also been really popular.  I say sweat shop because she is goofy and works out in their pool room (that's a room where you keep a pool table), which used to be their garage so has no AC vents.  It is so exciting and fun when your hard work pays off with items flying off the shelves.  We are very grateful.
Speaking of hard work and being grateful, Mr. Welder has been busy too.  His first home is progressing nicely alongside a few smaller jobs. We've met with another potential house-building family so we're super excited about that.  We know God knows what's best, so will be happy whatever the outcome.  We did get the Weld House clean since my last post...wish it was still that way-ha.  And office work for both businesses is heaping (but in an organized way) so hopefully we'll have another date soon and get that in shape.  You really have to be in love to look forward to lame dates like that, right?
Though we haven't crossed any of those lingering items off the Weld House to-do list lately, we have been kicking back and enjoying it with friends and family during our time off.  That's Maggie, a good friend, to give Daisy kisses when she was being such a hog of the water tub.  I missed the cutest shot when Daisy and Maggie were both in the tub. (Daisy sitting and Maggie straddling her sideways.) (And yes, that is poop in the background.)  I really miss frequent posts here.  I'm probably the only one-ha.  It's always nice to stop and matter who's out there listening.  And whoever you are, I hope life is good and you're enjoying the summer heat wave.  I'll be back...hopefully sooner this time.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Praying for Some Rain in the Mix

Mr. Welder has been mixing things up at the Weld House.
The shop's framework has all been primed.
I can't remember what day this rainbow got my hopes up that it might rain.  I could even smell the rain.  Life has been a little hectic (since my last "hanging out in the pool" post) in so hectic my hubby went to work in a pair of dirty shorts this morning.  Yep, that makes you feel like Wife of the Year...  We have a date tonight to clean house and wash clothes...makes it sound a little more fun when you call it a date...or does it?  Instead of worrying over things like a heaped laundry basket, stacks of office work, or dishes in the sink overnight instead of use, then immediately wash, I've tried to just let things go a little.  It will be there the next day too.
I do have to draw the line when it comes to not putting the lighter fluid back in its cute little box though.
Isn't that the perfect lighter fluid holder?  Even cuter when used.
This last week, though hot and dry, did give some beautiful skies.
And who is that?
Herms.  Also known as Herman.
Pretty Boy.
Honey snapped this picture of me one night as I was in the art room working on a few things for Christmas for Bee Angels.  This is what comes to mind when I hear Christmas in July.  The time to get things together for Christmas or it won't happen in time.
Yes, my hair is wild.  I hardly ever fix it unless it's a special occasion.
Mr. Welder was admiring the art room, saying what a cool room it was, finally understanding why I was so adamant about having this room in our house.  I was working, working away when I reached back to get a glue stick from my supply.  "Look at you." He really does get impressed by the weirdest things.
Daisy hopped in the car one day last week too, so she got to come to work with me.
One of the perks of my job is that pets are welcome.
I had a quick errand to run during the lunch hour and I worried that it would break Daisy's heart to be left behind.  When I got back, this is what I saw when I peeked through the door.
It took me a while to figure out how to take a picture through the door...
See my muscles?
By the time I got things focused and stood there taking picture after cars drove by probably wondering why a weird lady was taking pictures of the door...Daisy gave up hope that I had returned and went back to napping.
On the drive home she propped her foot up
And took a rest.
 It's really faint, but can you see another rainbow?
Two rainbows in the same week, in the same direction...
 God we know you're up there.
The Welders are praying you'll send us some rain.
Until then, Herman's guarding the water bowl.