Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Little Head Room...

Tuesday night, the guys worked on adding a truss in front of the staircase.
After the truss was in place, a board was added for extra support and for the little section of wall that will be here.

A little support...
Two more pieces of wood for completion.What was the Wacky Welding Wife doing besides taking pictures of her two heroes? Pricing (in the dark!) and taking pics of spooky Halloween items for her shop. Visit Bee Angels blog if you dare...hehehe

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What Are You Stair-n At?

Monday night the guys worked on the staircase...while I...worked on stripping a door.Here they are securing the small vertical wooden blocks between each step
Then they installed the kickboards.
Don't they look great?!? I love the knots and grain of the wood. We will most likely leave them wooden, and I picture them stained darker...that will probably be a job for me! Sounds a bit more fun than stripping doors.
Sturdy and safe to walk on, we three took a journey upstairs and walked around on the plywood trail for a while. Monday night fun :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Well, Somebody Had to Do it!

Saturday night I had a dream that showed me exactly how to build our staircase. So, I woke up, got to work, and let the men rest their brains...or maybe I just went to church, thanked God for our many blessings, drove to the Weld House, grabbed a hammer, figured out how to put on this tool belt, and snuck in a picture while the guys were outback snake hunting...Gave them a test...worked great! Just when we thought snake season was over...we have not seen a Copperhead since Uncle Pedro pushed down our little trees along the fence line. This event also occurred the day after I told our visitors they should be safe to walk around since we had not seen a snake in months and explained that the snakes normally just come out at night! Guess we should never let our guard down and should put up signs "Beware of Snakes! Enter at Your Own Risk!"
This is a view from the top of the stairs.
Next, Jason and dad brought in all the plywood for the second floor floor.The tractor and scissor lift came in handy once again!
The guys laid out a path to get to the front wall and then started securing them there.
I think Jason said they got about 7-8 pieces done. Along the wall, they had to do a lot of measuring and cutting around stuff, but like most projects, it will go faster once they get going.We had an assembly line working on the doors. My sister came to help.
And Uncle Pedro came in his coordinating shirt and saved me a few hours of sanding!

Heather and mom started the door for the toilet closet in the master bathroom. Thanks team!
Another productive weekend!
The Welder
My hero and best friend :)

De-Nail River

Saturday afternoon we had a few generous visitors with a carload of cute kiddos come visit the Weld House. They brought us these chandeliers they recently took out of their house during a remodeling project. Daisy seems to have seen the potential :)
Mom and I worked on unloading a trailer full of old barn wood. We pulled all the nails and then stacked the wood in the garage.
Me struggling...I am your average wimpy.
But boy did it feel good to have it all nicely stacked and denailed! We are both hard heads-and were determined to finish...we pulled the last nail as darkness appeared and the horrible mosquitoes began their attack.
Jason and dad did a lot of figuring and discussing...
Though I was ready to walk up some stairs, I decided I would wait patiently while they did all the calculating...that did not look very fun.

Friday, September 25, 2009

A Snack to Hold Us Over...

We have not had much progress this work week at the Weld House. We hope to change that this weekend...but since I know some of you are anxious to see something new, I decided to post HALF of this project I mentioned a while back...half, because I only have half of it finished.Pictured above is a peg board I bought at Restore for $5. Though it was a lovely blue, I decided to strip off the old paint and freshen it up. This project actually serves two purposes. I read about a painting know how to make things look roughed up, used, and favorite look? So I thought I would test out the technique on something small and inexpensive opposed to something more important.Here are a few after shots.
I really like how it turned out and Jason seemed to really be impressed...or maybe he was trying to make up for making fun of one of my Canton purchases...I am not sure. The other half of this project is halfway maybe it will not be long before I can show you what I really have in mind :) Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Lust for our Truss

Sunday morning, we followed my dad (driving the tractor) over to Jason's dad's house.
The guys loaded up three telephone poles while I took pictures and Daisy watched. Special Delivery to the Weld House.
Jason used the handy tractor again (isn't it so useful?-Jason always points this out and I guess I have to agree) to bring over some old beams that one of Jason's co-workers gave us a few weeks ago. Thanks, Chester!
Jason worked on the beams and Dad worked on the telephone pole while Daisy did a little more watching.
Telephone pole set in place...
Now for a little more work on the beam.
The guys got a little creative on this part. The beam was warped on one end so when they were screwing two together to make it double thick, they used the wood contraption on the picture above this one and then the weight of this sand to get it just right.
Move her in!
Setting the beam in place. Dad chainsawed a slot into the telephone pole for the beam to slide in secure. After this was in place, the guys added more trusses while mom and I...
You guessed it...worked on more doors. This one matches the first one we finished. We plan to stain these (which go in the master closet/bathroom/laundry room) so all paint must be removed! I do think we have made major progress though and understand what the directions on the paint stripper actually mean. This one is going 100 times faster than earlier doors. At this new rate, we may actually have these things ready to go before the house is completed :)
And now for the shots to show you how we left the house on Sunday. I am really starting to see how this is all going to work out and am sooo excited! Finally looking like a house instead of a big barn :)
And a shot from the other side. Thank God for the very productive and inspiring weekend we had!

Hop on the Truss Bus

Friday, the trusses for the second floor were delivered to The Weld House.
The guys loaded them on the tractor to bring them closer to the house.Then they lifted them on top of the first floor walls.
Got them all in place and nailed them down in sections.
More trusses...and getting longer
I did not take a picture at the end of the day Saturday but this picture gives you an idea of how it looked...I will post a better "progress" picture on my next post that talks about Sunday.
After mom and I tried to lift a truss (one of the short ones), we decided to go back to our door project! We worked on this one for the kids' closet on Saturday. It is ready to paint!