Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Little Scrapbook of Our Weekend Trip

This weekend we chilled out with some cool, old school friends...Old-school (as in college days) friends :)
This little guy has been added to the fun since those long ago college days.
After loading up some essentials (in case you were wondering what us gals were going to eat, a chocolate pie is in the grocery sack),
We headed to the pool.
And swimming pooches.
I've seen dogs that jump in pools for a relaxing swim but I've never seen one that floats on rafts, hopping from one raft to another until making it to the edge to leap back to dry land.  It was very entertaining.
Almost as entertaining as a brief dog trick show starring Milly and Biscuit.
And Milly impersonating a human baby.
It was mostly play, but Mr. Welder did attend a seminar on new building techniques.
Before heading home (and before hitting up a few out-of-town thrift stores...), we had a delicious breakfast...
With my family away from home.
(Joey almost finished his puzzle before it was time to go-hehe)
Lots of things have changed since moving back home after graduating-new houses, new husbands, new babies, new pets, new stores, new streets, new restaurants...but some things are still the same.  Good friends, good conversation, good memories, good times...my goodness, it was a good weekend and good to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones too.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Random Rambling...(Yes, All My Posts Should Have that Title.)

 A picture of a barn for you.
It's my Grandpa's.
 Here is another barn and my husband loading up some scaffolding that he plans to use at Weld House Home #2.
 We were low ridin'.
 We got a couple loads of gravel for our driveway.
 Herman liked it.
 This reminds me of those big round chairs people used to have...well, I'm sure people still have them but not as many that used to...at least the people I visit.  The gravel really doesn't look like one of those chairs, but with Herman sitting like a person, that is what makes me think of those chairs.  Am I making this up or were those chairs like this round basket deal lined with a pillow that balanced on a stand?  Seems dangerous but maybe I'm just remembering someone that had a broken one.
 Moving on...Daisy liked it a little but not as much.
 Herman is not normally a poser.
But he was workin' it for the gravel.
Too bad it was getting dark and the pictures did not turn out as bright as normal.
He's still cute though.
Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Wall-fully Wedded Husband

 Thanks to Mr. Welder playing the housewife role this weekend, I ended up having the time to add five more pictures to our wall.  I'll tell on myself and say I was being a BIG-time grump on Saturday.  I'm not proud but am blessed to have a husband that knows how to deal with me when I'm not at my best.  I like being busy but sometimes I get overwhelmed.  I know I mentioned not that long ago that cleaning is a waste of time, but a clean house does a lot for my emotional state.  To me, a clean house makes me feel like my life is somewhat in control no matter how many other things are still on the list to do (you know, things like paint frames and hang pictures.)  Now I will stop philosophizing on housecleaning and brag on my house-hubby. (I'm not sure referring to him as housewife twice in one post shows my appreciation...)   He did a great job.  He cleaned the bathrooms, the floors, put clean sheets on the bed,  dusted, and made me feel happy.  Oh, and he reached the dust ball, spider web things at the top of the shower wall that I couldn't reach...without me even pointing them out.
 Four of the five photos added were wedding portraits.  My favorite.
Mr. Welder also installed a blind my mom and dad bought us for the office.
Just more proof that I am spoiled by not only my hubby but also my parents.
You'd think I'd never be grumpy!
I hope you have a Happy Day!

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Word from Daisy - Warning: If talking dogs aren't your thing, you may want to skip this post...

 Since Mama Welder has been slacking with posts lately, I decided to break the silence.  The other day I heard Daddy Welder tell Mama Welder that he wanted to do something fun that evening.  So when I saw them heading for the car, I discreetly hopped into my little spot, hoping I wouldn't hear, "Daisy, you can't go this time."  Even though I usually get some pretty good pets before they drive off.  I've gotten pretty good at showing my sad eyes.  But I got to go-Yippee!!!  So we drove a little piece before pulling over to the side of the road.  We crossed over, went through these tall weeds...I could smell water and Daddy had his fishing pole.  I could tell fun was about to occur.
 And he trotted right down to the water's edge.
 But I wasn't so sure about all those big rocks (what have I gotten myself into this time...) but I looked back up to mom and smiled so she'd think I was having fun.
 I wasn't really sure how I'd make it over the rough terrain...so I stalled and sniffed.
 And I stalled some more really worried about what I'd do.
 And then I went for it with my legs shaking uncontrollably...still smiling, still having fun.
 Here, I'm getting further...but I'm not too sure what to do next.  I stood there and smiled for the camera thanking God my feet weren't slipping.
 I wanted to go hang out with daddy so gradually made my way down.
 With frequent stops and posing.  I know mama likes good photos, and I like to think if I cooperate, I'll get to come back next time.
 I kept my eye on the prize.
 I shook and maneuvered.
 And finally made it to the water.  Hallelujah!
 I walked over to daddy like it wasn't a big deal...
 He didn't notice, so I got a little closer.
 Too close...he flung the moss from cleaning his hook on my back.  Seesh.
 And then he turned around and walked back up the hill!
 So I followed.
 I climbed back up the hill....and it was fun. (I know my mom reads this...)
 We hopped back in the car and drove some more.  When we stopped, we weren't home, but were at another part of the lake.
 This area was rocky too but not near as bad.  It was way easier to look like I was having fun.
Right away, daddy got a bite.  It was a big one but it got away.  I'm not really sure what that means exactly, but he says that a lot.
I did not fall in near as many holes as I did at the first place.
 To celebrate, I decided to get a drink and my feet wet.
 The sun was setting, dusk was settling in...
 I still smiled even though my feet were killing me.  I'm not sure how I did not break a nail!
When we got home, my brother Herman was already sitting on top of the car by the time mom opened the door to let me out.  He tried to act like he rode up there the whole time.  I knew better.  I jumped out and trotted around still smiling, having fun, trying to make him jealous.  He'll never know what he really missed...he never reads the blog ;)

Some people think my mom and dad need real kids.  I beg to differ.  I kind of like all the attention I get these days.  Who cares if people call my parents, "those crazy dog people."  They've got to be crazy about something, and it might as well be me.