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Our Fairytale: Part Three

The lovely princess, Angel, was dumped for the last time by one last toad. 

She sadly drove to work that morning single but somewhat relieved and free.  Being in a stale relationship is daunting and tiresome and oh so boring!!  The finality of it all is always a tad heartbreaking but the bouquet of flowers that would arrive at her mansion (ok, so it wasn't exactly her mansion, but she did work in one!) would brighten her day and also make for some fun and awkward conversation with her boss who of course assumed they were from the toad that was no longer in the picture...

Prince Jason had caught the news of the princess' new status and being the smooth gentleman he was, had sent a small token of cheer. Where things finally aligning for the two to fall in love?

Not quite.  Jason had a date that weekend with yet another witch!  How can that be?  Not to mention that the princess was determined to play the field and live a little and was not ready to be serious and in love anyways…

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