Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wedding Hearts, a Veggie Cart, and Some Art...

The first half of the Welders' Memorial Day weekend was full of wedding events for this lovely bride and handsome groom.  Mr. Welder's little sister tied the knot.  Congrats and best wishes to the newly weds.
After the festivities came to an end, it was time to harvest the onions and potatoes.
And about half of the corn.  Some ears were not quite as big, so we left them to see if they would grow anymore.
Here's the results.
The extra day off from work gave the guys time to work on the shop.
And the gals cleaned out this...
Here is a closer look at the sign.  This old, boat shed is where the most popular place to shop art room used to be when I was younger and even goofier than I am now.  Yes, I really had hopes that people would hear about this best kept secret and make their way through the forest to buy handmade goods...or according to notes in an old book take an art class...my classes were strict with rules but quite a bargain for the price of 50 cents if you took your creation home with you and free if you helped me make things to sell.  Seesh, even before the economy was bad, people still had to find creative ways to make their businesses survive.
Mom and I loaded up the car and then it was time to sort and organize all the supplies.
We decided that clear jars were ideal so the contents were visible.  In Art Room #1, to keep the materials from getting really dirty and nasty in the old shed, we stored everything in opaque Nestle Quick containers.  They did a great job of keeping things clean, but it was always a chore to find whatever it was you were looking for.  In case you're wondering how I ended up with the interesting assortment, the majority of the jars came from my mom's friend's mom. 
Hanging buckets from Ikea waiting to be filled.
Beside that we hung this old cabinet.  My mom thinks it originally came from the A-frame but we know it was also used in our childhood tree house, where many school lessons were taught until it was later renovated for our (I had two partners in these endeavors-my younger sister and cousin who lived next door.) other business venture, a restaurant called The Velvet Garter.
This came from Art Room #1 adorned with completed orders.  Going through old stuff is one of my favorite forms of entertainment.  This piece is proof of my many years of experience being a serious businesswoman-ha.  I came across some gift certificates too, in case you're interested.  Sorry, but the coupons were expired.
This is a full view. 
 The canisters were my Granny's.  She kept coffee, sugar, noodles, and rice in them.
I love storage and organizing so this room makes me more excited than is probably normal.
I definitely get that from my mom who was a huge help in getting this all nice and neat.  Thanks, mom. (And thanks again Mr. Welder for building the perfect storage, finding me the coolest desk, and hanging the cabinet and buckets...)
And mom, sorry I was such a strange kid.  I'm sure I put you in many awkward situations trying to sell things to your friends, relatives, and co-workers all the time.  At least I did not ask them to patronize my restaurant...or did I?  The egg salad sandwich was the most popular item on the menu and did look quite tasty. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Time to Shine at 29

 Mrs. Welder is officially 29.  Normally she can't think of anything to request for her birthday, but with her age must have come wisdom because she actually thought to ask for something on the to-do list.  I mean, if you ask for it for your birthday, and you never ask for anything, doesn't that mean you should probably get it?!  I asked for shelves in the art room.  This was waiting for me before I left for work and I thought that was a good sign that I might get my wish.
 I think I mentioned a long time ago that we planted Morning Glories along the back fence.  Without rain for so long, we thought they did not make it, but they did.  So pretty and a sweet surprise.  My work day was busy and good and I had a nice lunch with my cousin.  When I got to work that morning, my boss had a couple books and a wind chime on my desk.  We had a board meeting and she must have spilled the beans, as everyone was wishing me a happy birthday.  Being 29 was good so far.
  When I left for work that morning, I did not think my gift would appear so soon, but due to an unexpected turn of events in Mr. Welder's plans for the day, here is what I saw when I got home!
 And these babies go all the way to the top.  I later learned that Mr. Welder built these in the garage and his dad and our brother-in-law stopped by just in time to help him haul them upstairs.  Thanks, guys!  And thanks to my hubby for building these shelves that are perfect.  I didn't know what I really wanted, and these are better than anything I could have dreamed up.  I can't wait to clean out my old art room and organize all my stuff.  Sounds like a good project for a long weekend.
I'm not sure if it was my old age or the week of late nights, but I felt beat, which made me feel sad because it was finally time to hang out with my Mr. Welder.  We made a quick stop by my parents' house so they could spoil me with gifts before we headed to town to eat.  With a promise of going to bed early, I got a little burst of energy and we had a great time, just hanging out, talking, eating, drinking, and not cleaning up the kitchen.  We got home before dark and had ice waters on the balcony.  Yes, we are party animals.
 Daisy laid by me since it was MY birthday after all.
 We watched the sprinkler give the garden a drink.
 Mr. Welder pointed out that I still hadn't cleaned up my mess from craft night. 
And I pointed out that he still hadn't moved this leftover door from when we finished our house.
I win!
But mainly I win because I'm blessed to be surrounded by people that made my birthday a special day.
Doesn't it feel good to be celebrated?!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More Peas Please

 I got around to shelling the peas I picked this weekend.
 Though I could eat them straight out of the bowl like this, I brought a pot of water to boiling and dropped the peas in for 3 minutes.  I did not add a single seasoning.  They were perfect.  Mr. Welder even thought so.  I threw in a few of the pods (I guess that is what the outer part is called...two peas in a pod?).  Anyways, after some highly scientific experimenting, I came to the conclusion that you're not supposed to eat that part.
I thought I'd show you Mr. Welder's truck magnet and let you know that we finally caught up the posts over at Weld House Homes if you'd like to go see what he's been up to.
Good day, mates.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Welding & Wall of Fame Weekend

 Friday, Mr. Welder continued his work on the shop.
 Wow his clothes were dirty.
 Saturday, I spent the majority of my day here...
 The peas were picked for the first time.  The squash, zucchini, bell peppers and green beans were picked for the millionth time.  It is really the green beans fault for making me feel that way.  They are sooo tasty...and sooo much work.  I am really happy to do it but I'm not exaggerating when I say it took the better part of the day...and I always end up giving the majority of them away.  BUT I am even happier to be able to share.  Does anyone have a request?  I'll do my best to get you what you have a taste for :)
Just let me know-leave me a comment or send an email.
 My dad brought over his backhoe.
 I tried to snap a few pics each time I went in to unload my overflowing pot of veggies.
 Mr. Welder welding.
 Notice someone hanging out in a shady spot?
 Of course, Daisy had to be right where the action was.

 Sunday the gals went to church and the guys were to this point when we got home.
 And this is how it looked at the end of the day.
 Mom and dad bought me a Rubber Plant to replace the Gardenia.  It was very root bound and looked sad so we transplanted it outside to see what happens.
 Since the garden was in good shape, mom and I worked on finishing up the project I shared last week.
 I think it turned out great.  I thought I might put a lamp on the table so we decided to hang the pictures higher.  Later my dad and Jason mentioned installing some type of spot light.  See the switch on the right?  One side doesn't do anything so we could use that.  If I don't end up with a lamp, then I also have room to add a few more pictures if I want.
 I don't think I've mentioned it before, but the table has three shadow boxes.  I have a few special mementos filling one and plan to fill the other two soon.  Along with a few random bottles, the old jar holds nails from the wood we reused from my Great Grandpa's A-frame.  The little, cylinder, metal can is a vanilla container that was my Great Grandma's.  She used to keep her babysitting money hidden in it. 
 See the little color photo under the "B"?  That is my Great Grandpa and me.
I've realized that I am pretty boring when it comes to wall decor.  I'm not big on hanging a bunch of stuff and actually like bare walls...windows without curtains...  BUT I've had plans to have an area with old family photos for some time.  I think I may have decided this when visiting one of my aunts.  We stayed in her guest room that was decorated with family memorabilia.  This is probably the most interesting wall in the Weld House and I do love it!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Road Ditch "Roses"

 I don't think I ever told you guys, but right as the puny plants in this backyard bed were blooming, looking fuller, etc., Mr. Welder decided to help them out and added some fertilizer.  Immediately after, over half the plants died.   I was a little sad, but just forgot about it.  Then the other evening Mr. Welder surprised me by remembering something I said, that I now remember saying, but can't remember the context at all.  When the hazy conversation took place, I was letting my inner cheapskate surface and mentioned how so many weeds are really pretty and that many of the things we buy at the nursery kind of look like weeds anyways. And I went on to point out that weeds probably wouldn't need much maintenance or care...yes, it was almost like a PowerPoint with bullet points.  Well, I guess my presentation was persuasive, because this is what I saw when I got home the other day.
Yep, these beauties came straight from the ditch.
And they make me happy.
So far they seem to be doing great.
I'll try to remember to let you know the final verdict of this science experiment :)
But for now, I'll just enjoy the pretty scene.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Good Times

 We had a grand time at the Weld House on Sunday.  Wondering what my aunt is doing crawling on the ground instead of eating like the other guests?
 Playing with this cute guy.
 People sitting everywhere.  This reminds me of how it used to be at my Granny's when she had the whole family over.  Who needs table and chairs?
 I guess these people do-ha!
 It was worth all the work.  I love my family.  I love having a home to share and make memories in.  It is worth every dirty dish and every snapped green bean :)
 This is what we ate.
 The guys found the berry supply.
 Daisy knows they are pokey so stayed back.  I did learn that she eats green beans right off the plant though...strange dog.  I knew she would eat tomatoes from the plant but green beans seem harder to find.  Maybe she sniffs them out?  I haven't witnessed this yet, but this is the word on the streets.
The guys played horse shoes. 
 And the gals did crafts.
 Crafting with some very technical processes.
 And here is what we had created by the end of the evening.
What a fun night.  I left the huge crafting mess upstairs.  That alone is worth having that room.  We plan to create more soon.  And if you see one you like, they are now available at Bee Angels!  It's kind of a competition to see who sells one first.