Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ooey Gluey Biscuits

Mrs. Welder had a Tuesday night date with these guys.
The 3-4 layers of paint were chipping off pretty bad in some places, so we decided to strip off at least some of the paint. I am always curious what is underneath all that paint.
I like the raw metal. I even like the look of a little paint still hanging around in the creases...the bottom layer of paint is blue though. A grayish blue, but still blue. Since the lockers are a component of the mud area we want to have inside by the kitchen door, there are a few options. Either I will get all the paint off since blue doesn't belong, or I will do a quick strip job (sexy!), which is way easier than getting all the way to the metal, and we'll paint the lockers a solid color and most likely sand the edges so it's not so perfect. We are leaning towards painting, though I will miss you, metal!
When my date finally came to an end, I went to check on Mr. Welder's progress, and he had come a long way!
And since I promised to explain the biscuit process once I figured it out, here it goes. I am sure you have been waiting in anticipation for this moment. The biscuit joiner (that was used to make the notches on the face of the first section of shelves, remember?) was used again to make notches on the boards that would be shelves in the second section.
Then glue is added to a biscuit, which is an oval piece of wood that when it gets wet, expands, so you have to work quick.
The gluey biscuit (yum!) is slide into the notch on the first section of shelves.
Then the notched board for the second section is slid onto the biscuit. And the gluey biscuit expands and makes a sturdy joint.
Then on the opposite side of the biscuit joint, screws are added to pull it all together to hold it in place. So there you have it. I hope that made at least a little bit of sense! Since biscuit joining may come up in casual conversation with someone you're trying to impress soon :)
And here it is at the end of the night. Isn't it looking great!? Two more upper shelves will be added to this section, and then there will be one more section added to the left (connected where the upright board has been routed.)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Preheat for Biscuits

Though Monday evening was filled with errands and visitors, Mr. Welder still managed to get a start on the next section of bookshelves. After making an adjustment to his table saw jig, (now it's ready to go smoother!) he used his biscuit joiner to make notches where the perpendicular shelves will join. I am not really sure what takes place during the next step, but you see those little wooden ovals on the second shelf? I think those go in the slits to join two boards together. I guess we'll both have to wait and find out.

Monday, January 24, 2011

From Rags to Riches

Saturday after Mr. Welder worked half a day, another row of onions was planted and the garden was tilled. Planting in the sunshine was way nicer than during the bitter, cold evening. The warm dirt made my hands happy.
Then a jig was built for the table saw. Here Mr. Woodworker explains how it works.
And on Sunday, the moment I was waiting for, he put the jig into use to build bookshelves!
After the boards were cut to length, grooves were routed.
Then the boards were slid, glued, and screwed into place.
A few areas needed a bit of notching.
Build Baby Build
My books need a home!
Yes, Mr. Welder is quite angelic.
All the way to the top!
After we purchase more material, we (I help removed sticky price tags and carry stuff upstairs so that should entitle me to say we) plan to do another smaller section of shelves on the left side to complete the book nook. It won't be long before the books can move out of their cardboard boxes into their beautiful mansion.
Herman came to inspect.
Daisy wasn't quite sure what all the cheering from her mom was about...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What's the Point?

Apparently, the tractor needs to run properly to build bookshelves too? I'm just picking on Mr. Welder. Tuesday was a busy night since the Welders had their picture made for the church directory (ugh, not a fan of posed pictures...basically when you finally lean to the left, tilt your chin to the right, and have a crick in your!) along with a few other errands, so by the time they got to the Weld House, there wasn't much time to get started on the big project. So, Mrs. Welder even suggested Mr. Welder work on the tractor so it would be out of the way for Wednesday's progress. I am happy to report that the tractor now purrs like a kitten. The points (whatever those are) were replaced and a small oil leak was also repaired, so sounds to me like this thing is as good as new...and bookshelves are next on the list :) My books need a home, people!
Daisy doesn't get the point either...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gifts for the Garage

Monday Mrs. Welder assembled Mr. Welder's Christmas gift from his parents.
Mr. Welder added another gift, wheels, to the table saw. It was rather tricky getting them in place, but now it's portable. I think a saw with wheels was required before being able to start on bookshelves for the office. That is what Mr. Welder said anyways ;)
Mr. Welder tried to take my job away when he was completed with his project. I let him help and we finished it.
And since this post is is a picture of a cutie. I bet you're excited now.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I Spy Productivity

The Welders were having their usual Saturday morning coffee when Mr. Welder noticed cars slowing down as he peered through the front windows. Mrs. Welder told him to stop spying and that is when the coffee finally kicked in, and she remembered there being an estate sale next door. So the Welders changed into some clothes and headed over. The rain was on the way so everything was 50% off! Mr. Welder scored these handy binoculars so he can spy...I mean look at nature with ease.
He told me he was going to take up bird watching.
Any hobby would be better than tractor fixing, which results in stinky gas smelling Mr. Welder, back fire popping giving me heart attacks every few minutes, and tractor diagnosing constantly on the brain...At the end of last week, our biggest blog sponsor had a heart to heart and told us to pick up the slack already...that our blog was a bore these days. As I told her, Mr. Welder promised to leave the tractor alone all weekend, but as you can see, promises are broken.
After I whooped him, I finally got him to get to work on some door knobs.
He was proud that the door knob matched the knobs on the white piece of furniture.
Mrs. Welder worked more on the sign for her shop.
Mr. Welder held it up to see how it looked. Click here to see it in the shop! And then go buy something...hehe.
Herman cuddled in a box.
And later gave Mrs. Welder a hug.
Sunday we got to work in the laundry room. Here is how it started out. I normally fluff our clothes in the dryer but then hang them to dry. As you can see, this rack was not ideal for the space.
After a few discussions and some work....
We had a new towel rack made from an old door knob.
A drying pole
And a cute shelf.
It sure feels good to have a few more projects crossed off the list. I think I had a pep talk with Mr. Welder so maybe we will have a productive week...and be a tad more entertaining.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Hardcore Farmers

Didn't the weather Thursday make you feel like gardening?
After plowing a few rows and scattering some fertilizer, the Welders put a few onions in the ground with rain in the forecast for the weekend.
After one row, we decided we'd call it quits.
Before the frost bite set in! My hands hurt so bad I thought I grabbed a bundle of thorns. Are you ready for warm weather too?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Am Saw Happy

The weather this week has been making a lot of this seem like the thing to do.
And we have been...but dang sitting around makes me grumpy. I think I have a disorder. If I am not working on a project or doing something even half way creative, I go into depression. This can be overcome by organizing, cooking something new for dinner, doing a craft, etc. So to snap out of grump mode, I pried myself from the warm fire.
I drug Mr. Welder and the kids to the work shop. Herman curled up next to the stack of fire wood his dad put in his bed. Thanks, dad. And the Welders got to work on letters for the new Bee Angels sign.
OMG (yes, I am cool like that), it was so much fun. I could saw (that wood with that bicycle) all day. We used two saws-the one we used to cut out the A-frame Christmas trees and the one you can see in the background in the picture above this one. My dad bought that saw (and the sander) for me when I was a kiddo. I had an art room in his old boat shed and needed tools for my creations. This saw has been a part of some pretty interesting projects ;) So every time I get near a power tool, Mr. Welder gives me a safety lesson and tells me to be very careful. I know I need to be and know he cares, but dude, my dad used to put me (a kid) out in a shed alone with these things. I am a seasoned woodworker. Yes, I am completely picking on him (as usual). He is really the master woodworker (he even reads magazines about it) and taught me quite a few tips last night. So if any of you need a letter or shape sawed from wood...or fancy fire wood, give Mrs. Welder a call. Anything to keep her from letting the winter blues take over. And this picture is for my mom. Mr. Welder adapted the file hangers to fit the old timey file cabinet. Things didn't used to be so roomy. But thanks to projects they are not so gloomy :) Have a happy day.