Thursday, April 24, 2014


 We've been hiding out again!
 But thought we'd pop in real quick and share some pics from our first camping trip of the season.
I'm supposed to be working on paperwork so will be light on words and heavy on the pics :)
 Lily just getting into a little mischief while we packed.
 New camping chair

 Little ladybug

 She had SOOO much fun with her cousin.

 Kissing minnows!

 Catching them herself.

 FYI:Stuffing rocks in  your pants makes some pretty good cankles!

 Running to get the dog we left behind!

We can't wait to go again!
But I have some paperwork to do first :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mopping Meditation

 Parenthood...There is really nothing to prepare you for it.
One component:
Endless chores that feel like an insane obstacle course that is impossible to complete.
When you look at this face, you (and I) see cuteness and sweetness-not the little tornado she is!
I'll tell on myself and say that a week or two ago was the first time I mopped all the floors in the house since Lily was born.
(Yes, she is almost two!)
 And when I say ALL (that is just part of my positive meditation), no that does not include upstairs and under every piece of furniture...
 In the end, the floors were a little cleaner than they have been in a while.
And I did get all this junk crammed back under the cabinets before our dinner guests arrived that evening though I don't think they ever used the bathroom :)
 But mostly my mopping gave me a different kind of time to think.  Something about this chore was different than the others or maybe I was just having a sentimental day.
One day I will mop again without having to pick up toys, magazines, blankets, Q-tips, unwound rolls of TP after already picking all this up to do the first step of vacuuming...
 And chores will most likely be a little easier and go a little faster without my little helper's help.
 Because one day, my little helper will have far more important things to do besides help mommy.
 And that is why I vow to smile, be patient when it is so easy to "just want to get done", and enjoy the little feet that stand on the mop making it impossible to move and listen to the giggles that fill the room when the vacuum cleaner decides to clean a little tummy that always finds its way over.
And my favorite, a surprise hug from behind when this little lady notices mommy stooping to get under the always dirty kitchen table because it's not all the time that mommy is her height.
One day life will simply not be near as great as this.
Love you, my little helper.