Monday, January 30, 2012

We're Still Growing Veggies...And Fruits And Flowers

I decided this post was next because well, it's already outdated.  However, I do not have updated pictures and I spent a considerable amount of time lining these up for a post that I thought would happen way before today, so this is what ya get.
The greenhouse is flourishing. 
And the peach tree now has two neighbors, an apple tree and plum tree.
Daisy says this is where she will sit and wait for fruit to fall to snack on.
These are supposed to be self pollinating trees, so we'll see.  If not, we'll have to add more later.  I still kind of want a pear tree.
Mr. Welder decided he wanted to have a berry patch.
He dug some of these blackberry bushes,
Went hay hunting in the ditch,
And planted our strawberry bushes and transplanted blackberry bushes.
They are in a random little area a few feet away from the garden. I almost stepped on them the next day.
Our onion seeds are sprouting, but I think we started them too late.  Maybe it will work out to plant them in a fall garden.  We went ahead and bought some onion sets to plant for spring.
Some scientific soil testing was performed.
And lookey!  The tomato seeds have sprouted.  And a week later they are a lot the time I take another picture and show you, they'll probably have tomatoes-ha.  Or I'll have killed them.
And a look at the broccoli.
If only I had this life, I would be able to share more up-to-date posts...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We're Not Just Growing Veggies Around Here...

We're also growing our two feet!
This probably isn't news to most of you...since it's mainly my mom, sister, a couple of friends, third grade teacher, cousins, and Pioneer peeps who read this blog and already know, but don't worry, I have another post planned to let you in on some things you probably don't already know. 
For some of you not in the know, this post also has a pretty huge clue of the news we just received.
But in case clues aren't your thing, I also have another post planned covering the gender reveal.
But for now, you just have pictures of two soon-to-be parents,
Two little pink boots,
(There's that clue a little bit closer.)
And two hearts full of excitement.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood

 Some of the Welder family members have been lazy....
 Enjoying their new sweat shirts from a sweet friend...
 Or the wood burning stove...
 Others have been busy building furniture.  Two new items are listed in the etsy shop!
 Planting Peach Trees.

 Pruning Peach Trees as instructed at the greenhouse.
 Getting prepared to plant more seeds.
 Planting tomato seeds.  Umm, we're going to have a lot of tomato plants (if we can actually make these seeds grow).  I did not even plant the entire packet!
 Planted broccoli seeds.  I have no garden experience with this veggie.
 Ok, we took a break too.  We had family stay with us this weekend and spent the afternoon out in the country-even more country than where we live.
 It was a beautiful day.
 So far, January's delivered a lot of beautiful days.
Maybe not fish, but beautiful days and moss.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Little Mrs. Fancy Plants

 I thought about breaking this up into a couple posts to spread out the excitement, but I couldn't wait so here is a long post with a lot of pictures.
Come inside the greenhouse.
Yep, Mr. Welder added shelves.
 Here is a closer look.
Aren't they cute?
He used some old fence panels that were cluttering the yard.
Double duty done-shelves in place and a cleaner yard.
 On this side is a sink that will eventually be more than the basin.  We got this out of one of the old barns we tore down.  Another piece of (cute) junk with a better home than thrown by the fence.
Not only can Mr. Welder build, he can be stylish with his socks and flip flops.
 Thermometer installed.
 Doesn't using old stuff give so much character that you'd never get with going out and buying something new and spending a lot of money?
 The security system was also installed.
I know, kind of extreme, but just in case we end up with some fancy plants.
 While discussing our options in adding on to the shelving and where the brick path would go, Mr. Welder remembered this old work table we got at the Restore half off sale for $5.  Perfect fit so here it will live.
 In case you want to mimic Mr. Welder's fashion, here's a close up to help you achieve the look.
 Fast forward a day or maybe two, and Little Miss Fancy Plants shows off the light.
 Later we discovered that this fixture (which Mr. Welder never returned when we ended up not using it-I guess he's not in trouble for that anymore) uses the same type bulb as growing lights.  Sometimes in the winter there isn't enough sunlight to get your seeds going and a light can be used to help.  Perfect!
 Fast forward more to the weekend.  Mr. Welder plowed the garden and put out fertilizer.  Those are onions in the middle.
 Herman takes his job seriously and was on post.
 Mostly it's a lazy job, but someone has to do it.  And it helps that it's nice and warm.
 I brought over the plants we bought in town earlier that day.
 Lowe's had quite a few things on clearance.  I like plants and I've experimented with different types.  I am not an expert or even knowledgeable so cheap plants are always tempting.  Sometimes I bring them back to life and sometimes I should have left them at the store.  Most of these didn't look bad though.  I've brought home way worse.
 We also purchased a few packets of seeds for our spring vegetable garden. 
 Plants + Food to Eat = My Cup of Tea
It's so exciting to watch something grow from a seed.  Some are so tiny. It seems impossible that a plant could come from it, much less a vegetable to eat.  I know, I'm easily amused.
 With rain chances in the forecast, we set out a few buckets to catch water from the greenhouse roof and set up this temporary water tank to put the shop's gutter into use.  We're on the lookout for a huge tank that we can hopefully bury or make attractive above ground somehow.
 Little Mrs. Fancy Plants (not pants-they are high water and I love them.  They are warm and do not drag the ground and bring sand into the house.  I love sweat pants.  I know, our family is just stylish.)  To the right, you can kind of see a peach tree we bought.  Mouth is watering just thinking about it.
 Fast forward one more time to a rainy night when we hung out in the greenhouse and started planting some of the vegetable seeds.  Mr. Welder is displaying the flat of tomatoes.
 We also did jalapenos and onions before running out of planters.  Dreams of fresh salsa in the future.
We gave everything a drink of rainwater from one of the buckets we set out.  And I'm happy to report that though our water tank was kind of put up in a hurry, it's already full.  250 gallons!
Maybe the greenhouse will help beat those winter time blues.  So do winter days that feel like spring.
Did you do anything to take advantage of the nice weather?  Do you have any tricks you use to beat the winter blues?  Please share.  I could use some tricks for this time of year coming up.