A Magical Christmas

 A magical Christmas it's been this year!
 Decorating the tree this year was a memory I'll forever cherish. Lily was such a good little helper and so careful with the ornaments...each and every time she decorated, undecorated, and redecorated our tree. She just could not get enough.

Lily really had fun with her Little People manager scene this year. It always made me giggle when I'd hear her say something like, “Come on Jesus, get in the bus” or “Mary go down the slide.” Our manager scenes looked a little different this year but were beautiful just the same.

We attempted the book a day present that we did not have much luck with the year prior. She opened the first on December first and read it only to beg for another. So I gave in and let her open one more. All morning I listened to her whine about opening more. I stood my ground and did not give in. After her nap that day (which are getting quite rare), she woke to whine more about opening more. I gave in again and let her open one more. This one was a book Aunt Weenie and Uncle Johnnie recorded for her. She loved it and it kept her busy for a while but soon it was back to whining. It was time to cook dinner and I decided I could not take the whining for the remainder of December so told her if she opened them, she would not have any more to open every day like we talked about. By the time dinner was ready, wrapping paper covered the floor and the books titles were revealed.  
A family outing.  We stayed in a hotel-Lily loved that part, went to a Christmas Lights parade, the Gaylord, and of course, Bass Pro Shops!

Always the clown!

I want to eat it!

She was in awe over Santa this year. Our first spotting of him was shopping on black Friday. He was in his big ole chair at the mall. I saw the line and feared the prices and doubted Lily would be happy with what she signed up for when we finally made it to the front so we stood on the edge of the fence as I pointed to show her who was here. Her eyes got huge and about that time, Santa looked over and waved for a magical Christmas moment.

Lots of working at the shop this Christmas season.

 We weren't having much luck on seeing Santa up close and personal this year. One Friday night close to Christmas we went on our Christmas date with Heather and Johnnie. Lily came along, whined the whole way in the car to Aunt Weenie's dismay, sat in her booster and ate half her hamburger and chose milk over soda (the things that make me happy these days!) and was very well behaved. After dinner we picked up some coffees (one of which was kicked from my hand into my purse-fun mess to clean!) and treats and headed out in search of Christmas lights. At first Lily wanted to watch Peppa Pig on Da Da's phone but soon she joined in on the fun. We ended up at a house that has made the news for its lights display.  As we drove up, I thought I saw a real Santa...or was it just a very life like dummy?! It was Santa! Lily was so excited. I was having my doubts about her excitement. So we made our way up the sidewalk hand in hand to where Santa was sitting. Aunt Heather snapped a pic of us as she thought this will most likely be THE picture. Lily let go of my hand and walked right up to Santa. She stood in front of him at first and Santa told her how pretty her dress was. I am pretty sure she said, “I know.” (She has heard this from several people at the restaurant so I guess she did know by this point-ha-but we'll need to work on that.) Then she told him that she wanted a movie-Peppa Pig. She sat on his lap for a photo and gave him a hug. I was so shocked and proud of my timid, little girl. I gave her a big hug and told her how brave she was. She told me how when she was a baby, she was scared of Santa but now she is a big girl. We took a stroll through the wonderland as Lily wanted to touch all the decorations. We had one more chat with Santa as we loaded back in the car to look at more lights. While driving around Lily could not stop thinking about Santa. She commented that she wanted Santa to come to her Birthday party. Later she blurted out, “I want Santa to go to my house, and put a present in my mailbox, and when I get home I can open it and she what's in it!” She was definitely excited about Santa this year.
We were able to keep the other presents under the tree this year. They have been moved and rearranged several times (some have rips) as Lily brings each to me to ask, “Who is this from?” at first and later, “Who is this to?” the question she really wanted to know the answer. One night she did this and over the Christmas season, we'd talk about Christmas being Jesus' birthday. So after she had brought the last gift to see who it was to-oh, and no matter the recipient-she let me know she would be the one to open it-she had this look of concern on her face. She asked me, where are the presents for Jesus? One of those questions kids ask that don't have an easy answer. Some how I came up with this explanation. I told Lily that Jesus wanted her to sing her Sunday School songs really pretty on Christmas Eve for the church. I explained that the songs are about Jesus and it makes him happy when she sings them and that is what he wants for his Birthday. 

 We had rehearsal last night, which did not go so well.  Lily clung to me like a baby monkey.  Though I (and others) would love to hear and see her sing for Jesus up on the riser, I know it probably won't happen this year.  This year we'll cherish the Christmas concerts we've had upstairs while crafting and those in the car with the music up loud (don't try to turn it down, Da Da.)  I look forward to whatever this Christmas Eve brings, my baby clinging to me in the pew singing her songs incognito or surprising us with a show on the riser.  Together with family celebrating Jesus' Birthday is what I yearn for most.

May God Bless Your Christmas!
Merry Christmas!


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