Copperhead Retreat Complete

Saturday we journeyed out to the Weld House after Jason got off work. First, I took a look at the progress that was made on Thursday night since I worked late and was not there to see all the action. Jason and dad finished putting up the sheet metal on this wall in the gym.
Then I made my way outside to take a look at the project for the day, putting up the sheet metal on the balcony ceiling. This is the last sheet metal project outside! We put this off until we had the cement floor poured. Having the cement floor enabled the guys to use the scaffolding, which was way safer and easier opposed to super tall ladders on an uneven floor.
They worked and worked.

I was surprised when dad came and told me I better get out there with my camera if I wanted to get a picture of the last piece. For two reasons I was surprised, that they were already finished and that my dad actually was encouraging me to take a picture-I guess he finally learned it's easier to tell us the first time then having to do a reenactment to get us to shut up!
Boy, did it turn out nice. No more bubble wrap insulation decorations!I have a feeling when we have time to relax one of these days, this balcony will be used. Hopefully it will be a nice place to hang out away from the Copperheads that roam the grounds!
Another one of these photos for our collection. I believe it is coming to an end-two more doors that need minimal work if I am remembering correctly. These photos will be rare collectors' items soon!


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