Monkey Around

 I had the honor of decorating a smash cake for my cousin's baby boy's first birthday. I can report that he was not too impressed and even gagged on the cake :)  Oh, and that is his gift (a photo book I made called "Little John Robert Had a Farm") wrapped and "loopsided-ly" painted by me.
And here's the cake for everyone else.  I don't think anyone ate it.  They had desserts, desserts, desserts!
I'm guessing you can tell the party had a monkey theme.
And my part was adding non symmetrical ones :)
Happy 1 year to the little monkey.  We love him, and it's been fun watching him grow and grow. 
Well, I have some stuff to do.
It's late but I'm excited and might not be able to sleep.
I'm gonna have to leave you hanging for now though.
Good night.


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