Delicious Dishes

 This past weekend the truss was attached to the shop frame.
 Hooking it up to the backhoe.
 Lifting it into place.
 Perfect fit!
 And time to weld it into place.
 While Herman napped, the gals worked on Christmas crafts that will make an appearance at Bee Angels later this year.  I'll probably share some pics on here eventually but it just seems too early to bust out with Christmas right now.  I've finally learned that you pretty much have to get your act together for Christmas during the heat of summer though.  That's what works for me anyways.
 The guys put in a full day working on the awning, and here is how it looked.
 Sunday it was time for a break.
 My dad and uncle have been doing a lot of cleaning up around my grandparents' place.  Now you can actually see the lake from their house and make it to the shore without too many obstacles.
It's really a nice area to take a dip and float around like bums...and that is what we did.  I enjoyed every minute of it.
 And these guys talked me into dusting the tops of the cabinets and wiping away the cobwebs that connected the top of the refrigerator to the bottom of the cabinet at 10:00 one night.  Sometimes you just need a little motivation for fun jobs like that.  When it's our turn to have the Sunday family dinner at our house I prefer to use my dishes opposed to disposable products.  And I was a few regular size dinner plates I bought another full set of dishes ;)  I kind of have a thing for dishes.  But at least I use them, right?!  And I got them at the thrift store for half off so it really was smart thinking.  (The dishes on the top shelf and the stack of plates on the right were not part of the new set-and those on the right are actually not full-size plates-and I have another stack about half as tall in another cabinet-these plates are handy for breakfast and snacks or English muffin pizzas or thawing a package of meat...the other dinner plates I will use for Sunday dinners are in the cabinet to the right.)  Oh, and we do use the dishes on the open shelving (mainly those on the bottom shelf)-they are not just for case you were wondering...I always think about and am curious when I see a kitchen with open shelving.  Now that I've rambled on way too long about plates, I'll ask if you noticed the cutting boards propped up behind the serving bowl and there's another one on the top shelf too?  They really blend in with the cabinets.  I'm going to have to look at them in real life (not at 10:30 when it's dark and my eyes are sleepy) again to see if they are even noticeable.  I got them at the half off sale too and they are big and chunky and cool.
 All close-ups for you...had too much junk on the island to back it up and snap one for ya.
When Mr. Welder got out of the shower and came in, he laughed and asked what I was doing. He said oh, I know, you're putting your jewelry away.  He knows I like me some dishes.  And doesn't it feel good to move things around and freshen stuff up?  Like I can't wait to go into the kitchen and stare at my dishes some more.


  1. maybe now she'll understand how I feel about my tractors...

  2. If only tractors cost the same amount as dishes and made our yard look as pretty as our kitchen..then I might get it :)


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