Mr. Welder Said Yes

Thursday we hooked up the mini trees with our new extension cords, which added to the festive live wreath I bought on Black Friday for $5.
We put more of the pepper supply into use with pork chops from the grill (hidden by all those peppers), rice with Latin spices (sounds fancy but it was straight from the bag) and the last of the tomatoes from dad's garden since I am sure they froze.
Oh, and here is our new plant on a stand mom gave us for Christmas a year or a few years ago. After a nice evening of visiting with Mr. Welder's parents, I ventured to the garage to see this!
My dad stopped by and left it without me even knowing. He secretly asked Mr. Welder if he wanted it since he knew Mrs. Welder would. I guess he planned to sneak away with it if the Mr. said no. But he said yes! And it is perfect. Now I am even more anxious to get to work on the hutch that Mr. Welder's parents gave us. I plan to makeover the hutch and table to coordinate (Strangely, I do kind of have a crush on the orange, but better not push my luck with Mr. Welder. I have to suppress some of my weirdness.) And they will be the beginning pieces for the Boat Shed. The hutch will display Mr. Welder's fishing collection and the table will be perfect for games, puzzles, eating, craft projects... Yippee!


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