Funny Fumes

Thursday was a good night at The Weld House. The girls started by vacuuming around/in the cabinets, wiping everything down with a tack cloth, and laying all the drawers, doors, and shelves to be sprayed.
Mom constructed these handy tables by propping boards between chairs. No matter how much you vacuum, the floor is just dusty from the leftover sheetrock residue, so this was a great way to keep the shelves and doors from being so close to the dust.
Dad took down the light he hung Monday in the upstairs bathroom. We originally bought the white light you saw a few posts back for the kids' bathroom. Later we found the tin light that we ended up liking better. So when it came time to figure out the lighting in the upstairs bathroom, we had the white light stashed in the garage so thought it would look cute. That decision was made before we had the upstairs "look" figured out and the bathroom's color choice (Fresh Baked Pumpernickel), which is also in the game room. While shopping at Lowe's on Tuesday, we thought this $20 (not bad) light would definitely tie this bathroom in better with the game room, also known as The Boat Shed.
Mr. Welder got started on spraying the cabinets with a Satin, Water Based Polyurethane. He did not go long without a mask. The Welding Wife finally started caring about him and found him one.
Next, mom and dad worked on our other Tuesday night purchase, a fan for the master bathroom. Honestly, I am not a huge "fan" of the decorative elements a fan brings to a room, but we live in Texas people, and sweating like a pig right after you shower is not pretty either. This will be the first bathroom I've lived in that has a fan, but I am thinking it will be a pleasant first.
Our favorite electrician.
And for a fan, I will say that it's a pretty one.
The Welders were still fuming up the place. For some reason instead of going back to the garage and getting another mask, I made my own. Guess I was too busy with my job of holding the air hose and making sure it did not run into or knock anything over. I know this is bad, and I will do better from now on setting a good example and taking care of my respiratory system. Plus I need keep the few brain cells I have!
Moving to the bedroom. We had drawers, doors, and shelves all over the place.
And a few more stashed on top of the flooring boxes in an extra bedroom to dry.
By the end of the night I was high...I mean we had given everything two coats of varnish. After reading on the can that if you waited longer than 8 hours between coats, scuff sanding was necessary, we decided completing the second coat would take place that night. I am so happy (and no, this is not from the fumes) with how everything looks. I can't believe we did it ;) And I can't wait to get one of those sand paper sponge deals to polish everything, hang the shelves, put the doors and drawers back in place, and install the hardware. Sounds like this weekend is going to be fun!


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