What the Rail?

Saturday, Jason and dad worked on building the rail for the balcony on the back of the house.Jason cuts and cuts and cuts
Laying things out and measuring things just right
Dad shows Jason how to use his wire welding machine. This was Jason's first time to use this kind.
Jason caught on fast!

Jason welded and welded...
He had a bruise on his foot from leaning on it all day. His pants had a hole in the knee and the exposed part was burnt from the welding too :( He worked so hard!
One of three complete!

While Jason welded and welded, mom and I started to get things ready for a garage sale we are having July 17 & 18.
And dad relaxed :)

Last one finished!
The other two loaded up.
Sunday they loaded up the third one.
Later that afternoon it was time to put them in place...thank goodness Uncle Pedro came by to assist!
They tied it to a rope
And up it went.
They got all three up the same way.
Time to measure and grind it off for a tight perfect fit.
Second one in place...
And third!
And now more welding...Doesn't it look great!?!? A lot of work and welding, but very worth it...easy for me to say, but I think the Welder even thinks so.
To finish it up, Jason cut the ends of the overhanging beams. The upright poles will be rocked so we had to get this out of the way :)
Yea Rail!


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